We Give What We Have; Not What Others Need

POSTED January 8, 2019  

One of the most important truths I have learned in my lifetime is that I can offer others what I have, not all they need. If someone is sad, I can offer to listen, but I can’t take away their sadness. If someone has experienced loss, I can empathize, but I can’t heal them. Sometimes, the best I have to offer is to be present with their sadness or grief, which feels like so little at the time. Whenever I am in the presence of another’s pain, it is hard, yet, I want to offer what I have in hopes of helping.

Years ago I was sitting with a member of a church I was serving; we were in a hospital ER while physicians were attending to her husband, who had just shot himself. I was trying to heal her pain, mainly because I felt so uncomfortable and inadequate in that moment, by spouting off words of wisdom. Later, she informed me that she didn’t remember a word I said, but did remember my presence, which offered a little comfort. I offered her what I had; while she needed a lot more, I was able to offer something.

  • January 2019
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