Never Walk Down the Back Alley of Your Mind Alone

POSTED January 8, 2019  

Hope is often found when we are open to recognizing our needs and asking for help. Hope is often lost when we are isolated and trying to live our lives cut off from others. One mentor of mine once said, “David, never walk down the back alley of your mind alone.” We all need help sometimes, especially when we face a crisis.

I have often wondered why it is so hard to ask for help; maybe its because I don’t want to look weak or am afraid someone will use my vulnerability against me. In any case, I have learned over the years that when I am at those points where I need help, trustworthy people are more than willing to offer what they have. What I most often needed was simply someone to pay attention to me and what I had to say. There is something soothing about having someone stop what they are doing, make eye contact, and position their body toward me and offer attention. When one of my kids was small and fell and skinned their knee, what they wanted more than Neosporin and a band aid was my warm attention and touch with, “Oh my, that must have hurt; I am right here and not going anywhere.”

When I receive appropriate attention, I calm down and hope rises within.


  • January 2019
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