Getting To Know Who Lives in Your Skin

POSTED August 7, 2018  

One of the most important journeys I have ever made has been to get to know me. It appears to me that the greatest asset I have is me, so why not spend some time and energy getting to know me. I was taught early in my life that the most important things in this life were money, power, and appearance. How was I to know that these were impostors?

Many years later it became clear that these big 3 were not what I thought. After years of pain and hunger to find what I wanted in this life, I embarked on a new journey–to explore who lived in my skin. As I did, and as I learned to value and practice honesty and openness, not something as a male I was told was important, I found an energy and liberty in my life I had not known.

As I worked with therapists and spiritual directors, I began to get to know better who lived in my skin. Along the way I began to become more comfortable in my skin, accepting the different parts that came up, the beautiful and the ugly. Then I began to grow in clarity about who I was and what was really important. Next came new courage to make the hard decisions to align my behavior with my thinking.

The beauty of this process led to more clarity and courage in my relationships, my work, and my life as a whole. Life has not become easier, just more fruitful and fulfilling.

I believe as we get to know who lives in our skin and get more comfortable in our skin, clarity and courage grows and brings deeper meaning and fulfillment.

  • August 2018
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