Two paths to satisfaction

POSTED August 10, 2014  

There are two common paths that couples face to increase their marital satisfaction.  First, there is the path of learning and practicing tools, like active listening, speaking for self (“I” messages instead of “you” messages), time-outs, and conflict resolution.  As these tools are learned, then practiced, very often marital satisfaction increases.  Just like learning new tools in sports, music, or most any other discipline, these tools improve skill and competency and marriage becomes more fun and and exciting.

The second path is that of identifying hurts and losses and giving opportunity for those hurts and losses to heal.  Facing past traumas and giving them time and energy to heal is a great boost to growing relationships.  Just like a lion with a thorn in the paw, life can be frustrating and relationships raw.  When the thorn is removed, irritations and frustrations are minimized, and relationships have the opportunity to flourish.

Whether you need to learn and practice tools or heal past hurts, or both, greater couple satisfaction and enjoyment can be yours.


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